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Re: Issue with Net tab data

Hi Honza, can you please suggest some solution for this issue in firebug2 ? On Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 6:34:26 PM UTC+5:30, suman kumar wrote: > > Hi Honza, > Thanks for your response. Is there any fix done for this issue in firebug > 3.0? > > I get 'firebug not compatible with firefox 35... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: Firebug 2.0.9

Hello Alex, First, thanks for your support! Yes, that's the right place, except that it's better to create a new topic for this (or an existing new one). And could you provide your Firefox and Firebug version to help us investigate? I suspect you face issue 7762. So can you take a look at this... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: Scripts sources from @conn0.source

Hello, They are evaluated scripts (introduced by eval(), event handlers, new Function(""), ...). They don't have a URL provided, so Firebug assigns an arbitrary one. In order to assign a meaningful one, the author of the webpage should add a "//# sourceURL " statement (see http://www.soft... Continued on Google Groups »

Live bug looks dead

I ​'m experiencing a minor problem with the current versions of Firefox + Firebug on my Mac. Normally, I have a separate Firebug console window open on the second mo​nitor, and when it's active the little firebug icon at the bottom of the main Firefox window is lit-up orange. Recently, however, i... Continued on Google Groups »

How change firebug to be LTR UI ?

Hi, My Firebug is stuck on RTL UI and I want it to be like "Left to right". My Firefox and Windows are in English as well. * I am Hebrew user but I want the interface to be as I would be in United States. Help me change it please.... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: Measure and save network performance.

You can use Firebug in combination with the extension NetExport. When NetExport is installed, open Firebug (via F12), switch to the *Net* panel and activate it via its options menu. Then reload the page. You'll see several network requests listed. To save the data behind those requests (as HAR fi... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: css line no. issue......please help me...Line no not display in firebug...

Which version of Firefox and Firebug do you use? Please provide a URL and steps to reproduce the issue. Additionally you should add a screenshot of your problem. Sebastian On Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 2:36:01 PM UTC+2, Shubham Tikare wrote: > >... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: Firebug 2.0.9

Hi! I hope this is the right place to post. I've been a long time firebug user and I really appreciate the tool and the amount of effort it has saved me in debugging JavaScript. I just wanted to point out that as of this release, I am no longer able to set any breakpoints whatsoever. I get the... Continued on Google Groups »

Scripts sources from @conn0.source

In Firebug I see script sources like "http://@conn0.source501". What are these from? For the same websites, I'll open the Firebox Developer tools and Chrome Developer tools (in Chrome) and I will not see these script sources. These seem to appear on most (perhaps all) websites when using Firebug... Continued on Google Groups »

css line no. issue......please help me...Line no not display in firebug...

... Continued on Google Groups »

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