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Re: Enable Javascript Debug

That the Script panel is broken is a known issue caused by a change in the Firefox internal APIs. Though, as you correctly noted, Firebug's development and maintenance is discontinued, so this won't be fixed anymore. If you have difficulties using the Firefox DevTools, you should read the... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: Partial fix for Console colors

It's nothing special regarding your machine. It is also an issue on other platforms (and Firefox profiles). I assume former Firebug users just have other issues they prioritize. Non-the-less, I've put this issue on the list of most important Firebug gaps. Anyway, after a lot of research and... Continued on Google Groups »

Enable Javascript Debug

For about two days I have a problem with FireBug, that is, I can not see the Javascript code for debugging. I tried to empty the list of enabled sites; I tried to reset it; I deleted the FireFox directory and then reinstall the extension again. But nothing worked out. Does anyone have an idea... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: Command Editor. Can't find the button

Note that what you're seeing actually isn't Firebug but the Firefox Developer Tools (with a Firebug theme to let them look like Firebug). You got switched to them automatically, because Firebug doesn't work in multi-process Firefox and it's development is discontinued. You can read more about... Continued on Google Groups »

Command Editor. Can't find the button

First of all, Firebug is a great tool. I think themes like "I dont like new version" isn't a good responce to a programmers team efforts. Shame on them))) I'm just a starter in WEB development, so my question may seem too easy or may have been discussed, but i didn't find an ansqer using google,... Continued on Google Groups »

Partial fix for Console colors

I've written here a couple of times before about the colors in my DevTools Console displaying weirdly -- ordinary log text in orange or red, and error text in black. Apparently a lot of people are not seeing this problem; maybe it's because I'm on a Mac? Or something specific to my FF profile?... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: [firebug] Re: new firebug is extremely awful

Agree. But it's a problem created by the browsers. Not the websites. And it's the world we live in. On Apr 16, 2017 11:27 AM, "Erik Krause" wrote: > Am 16.04.2017 um 16:37 schrieb Darren G: > >> At end of day people don't care about extension API this or that. Without >> firebug... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: new firebug is extremely awful

When it comes to choose a browser the question should be: "Whom do I want to give my data?" Websites should be standards compliant though, _not_ written for a specific browser... -- Erik Krause... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: [firebug] Re: new firebug is extremely awful

Been watching this thread. Very unfortunate despite the reasons. The moral is that whatever API, compatibility, resourcing or other technical justifications its important to understand your users. People who just browse sure. Don't need firebug but without developers building for Firefox it will... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: new firebug is extremely awful

this > new shit and put the old firebug back on", or let me know where I can get > the old version. Come on, you work in the fastest changing industry in the world. There is little room for nostalgia and none for being backward. Firebug was nice and it was the mother of all devtools in all... Continued on Google Groups »

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