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This article aims at listing ways to debug Firebug and its extensions.


[edit] JavaScript debugging

[edit] FBTrace

FBTrace is a Firefox add-on to use with Firebug. You're offered an interface that lists logs while Firebug is running.

[edit] Browser Toolbox

From version 19, Firefox offers a Browser Toolbox that allows to debug chrome JavaScript. This is very useful to debug Firebug and its extensions step by step.

[edit] dump() and the System Console

At some point good old dump() into the system console can be also an effective strategy how to hunt a bug.

[edit] Chromebug

Chromebug is not maintained anymore at this moment. The Browser Debugger is a replacement for this.

[edit] HTML/CSS debugging

[edit] Browser Toolbox

From version 19, Firefox offers a Browser Toolbox that allows to debug XUL and other elements inside the chrome.

[edit] Firebug

It's somewhat broken, but if you open chrome://browser/content/browser.xul and then Firebug from within there, it's possible to use an outer Firebug to inspect it. Make sure to turn on the "Show UA Stylesheets" option, and use "Right-click -> Add Rule" to add new CSS. (This might work for debugging JavaScript also; I haven't tried it.)

[edit] DOM Inspector

DOM Inspector is a Firefox add-on which is able to change CSS/HTML of chrome documents. Rather cludgy UI. Start by "File -> Inspect Chrome Document -> Firebug".

[edit] Element Inspector

Element Inspector is an add-on to use with DOM Inspector. Just press Shift and right-click somewhere to display the matching element in DOM Inspector.

If DOM Inspector is not installed, it opens it in Firebug.

[edit] Bisecting

Bisecting consists in locating a commit that introduced a regression proceeding by dichotomy. It can be either run manually or automatically (using FBTest).

[edit] Bisecting Firebug

See how to bisect Firebug manually and automatically.

[edit] Bisecting Firefox

Sometimes, regressions are due to regressions in the Firefox code.

To report a bugzilla, it is quite helpful to give the first nightly in which the regression has been introduced. To do so, you can consider using mozregression (see also how to run it with Firebug).

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