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Downloads and executes a remote script in a web page. Especially useful to import libraries for using them inside the Command Line.


[edit] Syntax

include(url[, alias])

[edit] Parameters

If include() is written without parameters, it prints a table with all previously specified aliases.

[edit] url

URL of the script to include. If set to null, alias is removed. (optional)

[edit] alias

Alias name for the included script. (optional for definition, required for usage)

New: Now by default, the "jquery" alias is proposed to get the jquery-latest.js script. So to include jquery, you can use the command below:


[edit] Example of use

The simplest usage is as follow:


If you often include the same script (e.g. jqueryfying your page), you can create a handy alias:

include("", "jquery")

and reuse it like below:


Note that aliases are persistent across Firefox restarts.

To list the aliases, you are offered this command:


And you are returned this table:


To remove an alias (for example, vaporjs), type this command:

include(null, "vaporjs");
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