Cookies Panel

Cookie Management

Firebug allows to view and manage cookies in your browser. You deny cookies for specific sites, filter cookies, create new and delete existing cookies. You can also break into the debugger when specific cookie changes its value and see the line of script that caused the change.

Inspect Cookies

Every cookie in the list is expandable. This is useful especially when the cookie value is long and can’t be fully displayed directly. If you are looking for a specific cookie by name, use Firebug’s search box and write down it’s name. The list is dynamically filtered as you type in the box.

Cookie Permissions

You can also manage cookie permissions for the current site directly from the Firebug’s toolbar. The permission button displays the current status as a label and it’s automatically updated if the permission is changed (e.g. from the Firefox options dialog).

Cookie Events

If you want to see when something happens to a cookie, use Firebug’s Console tab. The Cookies panel creates a log entry every time when a cookie is created, changed, deleted or rejected. This can be switched off in Cookie tab->Options menu (click the black triangle next to the Cookies tab label to open this menu and uncheck Show logs in Console option).

Cookie Expire Time

Cookie expire time is displayed using local timezone and current Firefox locale. It’s easy to figure out the actual value. It’s also possible to change the current value using a popup calendar and time picker.

Export Cookies

Use Cookies menu to create new and remove an existing cookies. The same menu can be also used to export all cookies in the browser or only those that are associated with the current page into cookies.txt file in standard text format (every cookie + info takes one line).

Cookie Clipboard

Standard clipboard actions Cut/Copy/Paste are also supported. If you need it, just right click on a cookie and use context menu. The same menu can be also used to edit properites of an existing cookie. Just pick Edit action and use the dialog that is displayed.

Sent & Received Cookies

The Cookies panel is also integrated with existing Net panel. If you expand existing request in this panel, you’ll see a new additional Cookies tab that displays sent and received cookies with all information just in place.

Sort Cookies

You can sort cookies by clicking header in cookie list view. Just pick any column that should be used to sort cookies and click its label.

JSON Inspector

If a cookie value is formatted as JSON, there is a new JSON tab (selected by default) displaying the value using expandable tree. Similarly as for network responses in Firebug’s Net panel.

XML Inspector

If the value is valid XML document, there is a XML tab (also selected by default) displaying pretty printed & colorized XML.


Better formatting is now implemented for document.cookie property when it’s logged into the Console panel.

Column Visibility

Manage visibility of columns using header context menu. Of course, the current settings is persistent across Firefox sessions.

Cookie Breakpoint

Create a cookie breakpoint to see when specific cookie is modified. Firebug debugger is integrated so, you can also see what line in the source code caused the modification.

Breakpoint Condition

You can also create a breakpoint condition and the breakpoint will stop only if the condition is true. You can use cookie properties in the expression: value, path, host, expires [ms], isHttpOnly, isDomain).

Break On Next Cookie Change

The Cookies panel also integrates with Firebug’s Break On Feature. Just use the resume button to break on the next changed cookie.