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Wiki Admin Info[edit]

$wgLogo = "{$wgScriptPath}/Wiki-logo-top-left.png"; 

And this resolves to File:Wiki-logo-top-left.png. By overwriting this image you can change the logo.

  • To add users read Restrict account creation
    1. When logged in as a sysop,Create an account,
    2. Enter a username and an email address, and click the "by email" button. Note you need $wgEnableEmail=true or else the sysop must pick a password and send it to the user.
    3. The account will be created with a random password which is then emailed to the given address (as with the "forgot password" feature). The user will be requested to change password at first login; when he does this, his e-mail address will also be marked as confirmed.
  • New users will see info on MediaWiki:Nosuchuser php pages[edit]

Some of the pages on are generated with PHP, most of those use "perch".

What is Firebug?[edit]


Firebug around the web[edit]

this is a delicious feed from user "firebugnews" on delicious. Contact Honza if you want to put any updates on this account.