Firebug 1.1 Release Notes

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Features and changes[edit]


  • Supports Firefox 3
  • 'About' added to Help menu.
  • Internal firebug debug output
  • support for Chromebug extension


  • CSS errors report against source lines,
  • BreakOnError puts error text in status bar
  • New Console options Show Chrome Errors, Show Chrome Messages and Show External Errors


  • eval() debugging
  • browser-generated event handler debugging
  • executable lines marked with green line numbers
  • Stack side panel on "Script" panel for callstack
  • ScriptPanel->Options->Break On Top Level, like break on next
  • limit filenames on locationList (script files) to 60 chars to avoid spilling UI
  • "better" debugging icons


  • Cache tab for Net panel contributed by Kyle Scholz
  • Spy was redesigned to avoid wrapping of XMLHttpRequest object that had caused many issues

External edtiors[edit]

  • External editors configuration, "Open With Editor" menu
  • Aptana IDE editor integration

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