Firebug 1.8 Release Notes

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[edit] Overview of Firebug 1.8

[edit] Features and changes

[edit] Console and Command Line

[edit] HTML

[edit] CSS

[edit] Script

[edit] DOM

  • DOM panel has two new options: "Show Own Properties Only" and "Show Enumerable Properties Only"

[edit] Net

[edit] Tracing

[edit] Search

[edit] Miscellaneous

You can also have a look at the list of all enhancements of Firebug 1.8.

[edit] Bug fixes

Fixed issues in Firebug 1.8

[edit] Links to notes for each release

Version Release Date
Bug fix releases
1.8.4 2011-11-04
1.8.3 2011-09-16
1.8.2 2011-08-31
1.8.1 2011-08-10
1.8.1b1 2011-08-03
Major release
1.8 2011-07-29
1.8b6 2011-07-18
1.8b5 2011-07-01
1.8b4 2011-06-20
1.8b3 2011-06-17
1.8b2 2011-06-10
1.8b1 2011-06-03
1.8a3 2011-05-26
1.8a2 2011-04-22
1.8a1 2011-04-01

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