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  • This page is intended to summarize plans and directions for
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The main goal for the next release of Firebug the will be to integrate it into the Firefox built-in DevTools. Besides this the Firebug Working Group plans some new features to extend the DevTools with new functionality.

Version Numbering[edit]

The next planned version number is 3.0.

Development happens on the master branch of the repository.


Phase Start Date
Alpha 2014-06-10
Beta  ?
Final release  ?
  • The entire release cycle (from the first alpha to the final release) should target 6 months
  • The beta phase should be at least 4 weeks
  • The new release should introduce 8-10 new features (or significant bug fixes)

Suggested Features[edit]

Use this section to suggest any feature you'd like to see in

Planned Features / Changes[edit]

This section summarizes all features that are planned for Every feature in this section must have an owner.

Regular Tasks[edit]

Feature Overview[edit]

Feature Developers Related Issues Status

Feature planning should keep in mind the suggested release schedule above

Feature Description[edit]

This section provides detailed description of all planned features.