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Stack Side Panel

While debugging the Stack Side Panel holds the information about the stack trace listing the function stack for the currently debugged function inside the Script Panel.

Options Menu[edit]

This menu is reachable via the little arrow in the panel tab ( StackSidePanelOptionsMenuArrow.png ) or by right-clicking on on the panel tab (since Firebug 1.9).

Option Preference Description
Omit Toolbar Stack extensions.firebug.omitObjectPathStack Specifies whether to omit the display of the object path stack
Show Arguments extensions.firebug.showStackFrameArguments Specifies whether function arguments are displayed

For more info about tweaks available in Firebug please see the full list of preferences.

Context Menu[edit]

Option Context Description
Expand All everywhere Expands all call stack functions
Collapse All everywhere Contracts all call stack functions
Inspect in DOM Tab Call stack function Lets you inspect the current call stack function inside the DOM Panel

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