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The Firebug Start Button ( StartButton.png ) is used to open the Firebug UI. Besides that it offers some general options related to activation.

Version and activation info[edit]

When the Start Button is hovered with the mouse an infotip is shown displaying the version of Firebug and the status about its activation and the activation of the different panels.


In case Firebug is deactivated for the current web site the infotip will display only the version of Firebug and below that Deactivated as status. As soon as Firebug is activated for the web site the infotip will show the number of open Firebug instances within the current browser window and in brackets whether it's attached ("In Browser"), displayed within its own window ("Detached") or activated but invisible ("Minimized"). Below that all activable panels are listed indicating whether they are enabled ("On") or disabled ("Off").

Error info[edit]

If the page has some JavaScript errors, there will be a badge shown on the Start Button displaying the number of errors occurred.


Clicking the error badge opens Firebug and switches to the Console Panel to display the errors.


Right-clicking the Start Button or clicking on the little arrow besides the Firebug icon opens a menu containing some activation options and options related to the Start Button.

Option Preference Shortcut Description
Firebug UI Location - - Position of the Firebug user interface
Clear Console - - Clears the Console Panel
Show Error Count extensions.firebug.showErrorCount - Toggles display of the page's error count at the Start Button
Enable All Panels - - Enables all activable panels (without extension these are the Console, Script and Net Panel)
Disable All Panels - - Disables all activable panels (without extension these are the Console, Script and Net Panel)
On for All Web Pages extensions.firebug.allPagesActivation - If enabled (set to "on"), the Firebug UI will be opened for every website and the Disable button will be hidden
Clear Activation List - - Allows to empty the list of sites, for which Firebug is activated