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This page is a Stub

Work in Progress - Comments Welcome

John J. barton writes in the newsgroup:

The discussions on this newsgroup helped me realize that another way of explaining the user interface in 1.4 may help people familiar with the 1.3 mechanism.

In 1.4 you add a domain to the whitelist by opening Firebug on a page in that domain. So for example if you open the URL, then open Firebug, the domain is added to the whitelist. If you subsequently open, Firebug will be opened because is on the whitelist.

In 1.4 you add a domain to the blacklist by clicking [X] in the upper right corner of Firebug when Firebug is open on a page in that domain. Continuing the example above, while on, if you click the [X] button Firebug closes. When you go back to, Firebug is still closed because is on the blacklist.

A few details:

First the mechanism used for the tests is closer to the same-origin policy of Firefox than simple domain comparison. The case that will probably confuse people is http vs https: Firebug like Firefox considers to be different than

Second, this description assumes you have 1.4b5 or later and that you leave the default option Activate Same Origin checked.