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== Side Panels ==
=== Elements Side Panel ===
The [[Elements Side Panel]] allows trying out CSS selectors.

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CSS Panel

When you want to manipulate CSS rules the CSS panel is the right place for this. It offers options for adding, editing and removing CSS styles of the different files of a page containing CSS. Furthermore it offers an editing mode, in which you can edit the content of the CSS files directly via a text area.

Options Menu

This menu is reachable via the little arrow in the panel tab ( File:OptionsMenuArrow.png ) or by right-clicking on on the panel tab (since Firebug 1.9).

Option Preference Description
Expand Shorthand Properties extensions.firebug.expandShorthandProps Toggles between the display of shorthand CSS styles like they are defined and separating them into their single-value equivalents (e. g. padding -> padding-top, padding-right, padding-bottom, padding-left)
Colors As Hex extensions.firebug.colorDisplay Display color values in hexadecimal format
Colors As RGB extensions.firebug.colorDisplay Display color values in RGB(A) format
Colors As HSL extensions.firebug.colorDisplay Display color values in HSL(A) format
Refresh - Reloads the CSS styles display

For more info about tweaks available in Firebug please see the full list of preferences.

Panel Toolbar

Edit Button

The Edit Button allows you to switch to the Edit Mode to change the CSS using a text editor, in which you can edit the styles and rules of the currently selected CSS file directly. Clicking the Edit button again switches back to the formatted Display Mode. There are two edit modes available:

Source Edit

Displays the CSS as it came from the CSS source including its formatting, comments etc.

Live Edit

Displays the CSS as it is currently interpreted by the browser. It is formatted for better readability, but there aren't any comments.

CSS Location Menu

The CSS Location Menu shows all the files of the current page, which include CSS rules and lets you choose between them. When switching to another file the panel shows the contained CSS rules of that file.

Internal stylesheets are thereby numbered. So if you have two <style> tags inside your HTML defining some rules, the second will have #2 after it's name, the third one #3 and so on.



When hovering images, colors, gradients or fonts inside the style values a little popup preview will be shown for them, which helps finding the right color or gradient, investigating, if an image could be loaded or checking if a chosen font is the right one.

Editing rules

For editing rules the CSS panel offers you different helping features including an auto-completion, a Color and image preview, an indication whether the property could be saved correctly while editing (see below) and an option to toggle styles. To edit a rule, a style property or its value simply click on it. An inline text field appears at that position and you can start typing. When you finished editing hit Enter. To edit the next style just hit Tab instead of Enter. When you want to create a new property you have three possibilities to do so: Double-click on the white area besides a style definition, editing the last value of a style block and hit Tab or right-click at a style and choose "New Property...". To add a new rule choose the appropriate option from the context menu or click on the very last value of a style sheet and hit Tab.

While inline editing the rules there are color indications for whether the entered name or value could be saved:

Highlighting Selectors Property names Property and rule values
gray no change was made no change was made no change was made
red invalid selector invalid name invalid value
yellow selector correct, but not applying to selected element correct name, but incorrect or missing value -
green selector correct correct name and correct value correct value


An auto-completion feature supports you while entering or editing styles. This means it completes the command while you are typing. If there are several commands starting with the same phrase like bol for the font weight you can switch through the different possible values by pressing the up and down key. If a numeric value is entered like 10px pressing Up/Down increases/decreases the value by 1 keeping the unit. Holding the key increases/decreases the value continuously. For a bigger step size press Shift+Up/Down the key. This changes the value by 10. Accordingly pressing Ctrl+Up/Down changes the value by 0.1. When editing shorthand properties you can toggle through each individual value separately. Just set the cursor to one of the values before pressing the Up/Down key.

Toggling styles

You can toggle off the application of a specific style by clicking on the disable icon, which appears when you hover a style. When it's disabled a red disabled symbol is shown. For re-enabling the style simply click on it again.

Context Menu

Option Context Description
Copy Location CSS Location Menu Copies the URL of the stylesheet to the clipboard
Open in New Tab CSS Location Menu Opens the stylesheet inside a new browser tab
Copy Image Location image values Copies the URL of the image to the clipboard
Open Image in New Tab image values Opens the image inside a new browser tab
Copy Color color values Copies the color value to the clipboard
Copy Rule Declaration CSS selector Copies the whole rule incl. selector and curly braces to the clipboard
Copy Style Declaration CSS selector Copies all properties of a rule to the clipboard
New Rule... everywhere, except Edit Button Allows to create a new CSS rule inside the currently selected stylesheet; rules will be added above other rules when a rule was right-clicked
Delete "<selector>" CSS selector Removes the rule from the stylesheet
New Property... CSS rule Allows to create a new property inside the rule
Edit "<property name>"... CSS property Allows to edit the property
Delete "<property name>"... CSS property Allows to remove the property from the currently selected stylesheet
Disable "<property name>"... CSS property Allows to disable the property, so that it doesn't affect the page layout anymore
Refresh everywhere, except Edit Button Updates the panel's contents
Inspect in DOM panel CSS Location Menu, CSS rules Allows to inspect the style or rule definition inside the DOM Panel

Side Panels

Elements Side Panel

The Elements Side Panel allows trying out CSS selectors.