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Cookies Panel

The Cookies panel allows to display and manipulate cookies set by the current page.

This panel is available since Firebug 1.10 and was formerly a separate extension called Firecookie.

Options Menu

This menu is reachable via the little arrow in the panel tab ( CookiesPanelOptionsMenuArrow.png ) or by right-clicking on on the panel tab (since Firebug 1.9).

Option Preference Description
Enabled extensions.firebug.cookies.enableSites Enables the Cookies Panel
Accept cookies from sites network.cookie.cookieBehavior Specifies whether websites are generally allowed to set cookies
Confirm cookie removal extensions.firebug.cookies.removeConfirmation Specifies whether a confirmation dialog should be shown when deleting all cookies

For more info about tweaks available in Firebug please see the full list of preferences.

Panel Toolbar

Break On Cookie Change

The Cookie panel offers a "Break On ..." feature like some other panels. The Break On Cookie Change button ( BreakOnCookieChangeButton.png ) allows you to stop the script execution as soon as a cookie is added, changed or removed.


Offers general cookie related options.

Create Cookie

Opens a dialog, which allows adding a new cookie.


Remove Cookies

Removes all cookies at once. If Confirm cookie removal is checked, a confirmation dialog will be shown before deleting the cookies.

Remove Session Cookies

Removes all session cookies at once. If Confirm cookie removal is checked, a confirmation dialog will be shown before deleting the cookies.

Export Cookies For This Site

Exports all cookies of the current website as text file. Therefore the Save as dialog is opened allowing you to select the path and choose a name for the exported file.


Filters the displayed cookies.

Filter Cookies By Current Path

Filters the cookies by the current URL path.

Cookies Acceptance Menu

Specifies which cookies should be accepted.

Type Description
Default (Accept cookies) All cookies will be accepted
Deny cookies from <website> Deny all cookies coming from that specific website
Allow cookies from <website> Accept all cookies coming from that specific website
Allow session cookies from <website> Accept only session cookies coming from that specific website


Cookies List

The main part of the Cookies panel is the Cookies List. When the Cookies panel is activated and a page is loaded it starts filling with all cookies set by a page. Each entry displays the info available for a cookie. The information about the cookies is displayed in the following columns:

Column Description
Name Name of the cookie
Value URL decoded value of the cookie
Raw Value Raw value of the cookie
Domain Domain the cookie is set for
Size Size of the cookie value in bytes
Raw Size Raw size of the cookie value in bytes
Path Path the cookie is set for
Expires Expiration date or "Session" for session cookies
HttpOnly Flag specifying whether "HttpOnly" is set for a cookie
Security Flag specifying whether the cookies is just sent for encrypted connections

The display of the columns can be customized by right-clicking the column header and checking the columns that should be shown.

Breakpoint Column

You can add a breakpoint for each cookie by clicking the Breakpoint Column at the left side of a cookie. By doing this the script execution will be halted as soon as that cookie is set, changed or removed. Clicking on a set breakpoint removes it.

Breakpoint conditions

You can create a conditional breakpoint by right-clicking a breakpoint. Doing so opens the Breakpoint Condition Editor:


There are variables available, which can be used within the expression:

Variable Description
cookie Object inluding the following info about the cookie:
name, value, rawValue, isDomain, host, path, isSecure, expires, isHttpOnly
value Value of the cookie

Context Menu

Option Context Shortcut Description
Cut Cookie - Copies the cookie to the clipboard and removes it from the list
Copy Cookie - Copies the cookie to the clipboard
Paste Cookie - Pastes a cookie from the clipboard
Copy All Cookie List - Copies all cookies to the clipboard
Delete Cookie - Deletes the cookie
Edit Cookie - Opens the Cookie Editor to edit the cookie information
Clear Value Cookie - Removes the cookie value
Break On '<cookie name>' cookie Cookie - Script execution will be stopped if the cookie with the name <cookie name> is added, changed or removed