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* [[Crossfire 0.4 Planning]]
* [[Crossfire 0.4 Planning]]
== Tools API ==
The Crossfire Tools API is a way for extensions to utilize Crossfire's socket connection and packet-handling features to add additional functionality to Firebug/Crossfire.
* [[Crossfire Tools API]]

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The Crossfire wiki has been migrated to Github. All of the content from this wiki has been moved to the new wiki on Github.


Crossfire is a Firebug extension which implements a JSON protocol to allow remote clients (like an IDE or code editor) to connect to Firebug.

Getting Started

Getting started with Crossfire contains some helpful information for getting started. This is mostly intended for developers interested in building tools that connect to Crossfire, and assumes some familiarity with Firebug and Firefox extensions.

Connecting Firebug in Firefox to another Firebug in Firefox is a tutorial that explains how to connect the Crossfire client and Crossfire server by running to separate Firefox processes.

Running Crossfire Tests explains how to execute the various test suites for Crossfire.

Crossfire Wire Protocol

How to be a successful Crossfire Packet

Protocol Reference

Migration Guides

Road Map

Version 0.1

Version 0.2

Version 0.3

Version 0.4