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This page summarizes concepts related to support for e10s (Electrolysis) in Firebug framework.



  • 905436 - (e10s-addons) [Tracking] Add-on compatibility in electrolysis
  • 817580 - Expose tab actors for apps in child processes.

Blog posts:

Message Managers[edit]

See the following diagram illustrating basic concept of message managers in Firebug framework.


  • Firebug Debugger UI, the client, is on the left side (orange color)
  • Debuggee, the server, is on the right side (red color)
  • The communication between client and server is done through RDP
  • The communication between the parent and child processes (both on the back-end) is based on message managers (platform API)
  • Note that child processes can send synchronous messages to their parent process, but not the other way around.
  • Read more about message managers