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The Firebug Tracing Console (short FBTrace) is used for debugging Firebug and Firebug extensions. It logs all Firebug activities and thereby helps tracking down errors inside the source code.


Until Firebug 1.7 FBTrace was bundled together with its alpha and beta versions. To be able to inspect the logs even in the case Firebug is broken (e. g. it doesn't even load itself) and to make the release process easier for Firebug 1.8 FBTrace was extracted from the Firebug source and is now available as an independent extension. For more information about this step please read the news group thread about FBTrace as well as the blog entry to Firebug 1.8a1.

You can get the FBTrace source using a Subversion client.

To install FBTrace please follow the description of building Firebug from source or place a file named fbtrace@getfirebug.com containing the path to the source code in your Firefox profile directory (for more info on how to do this please read the steps to create a Firefox extension proxy file).

How to open the console

After you installed FBTrace you have three possibilities to start it:

  • Chromebug includes tracing info inside the Trace Panel
  • Firebug Icon Menu -> Open Tracing
  • Firebug Icon Menu -> Options -> Always Open Tracing