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== Resources ==
== Resources ==
* New wiki: https://github.com/firebug/firebug.next/wiki
* Source repository: https://github.com/firebug/firebug.next
* Source repository: https://github.com/firebug/firebug.next
* Add-on SDK: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/SDK
* Add-on SDK: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/SDK

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This page provides information on what has changed since the current stable version of Firebug and lists all related development releases.

The current Firebug version in development is 3.0.

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Next generation of Firebug will be built on top of the Firefox native developer tools and the Add-on SDK.


  • Use an existing infrastructure of native developer tools to solve issues related to e10s and remote debugging.
  • Closely cooperate with Firefox DevTools team (and other teams like JetPack and extension developers).
  • Use Mozilla infrastructure for running automated tests.
  • Customize theme theme/layout of existing native tools and implement advanced features.

See also wiki on github.com


  • TODO: Extension architecture
  • TODO: Development: tips and tricks
  • TODO: automated tests

Development Tips & Tricks

See some tips and tricks that are useful when hacking on Firebug.next

  • First, you should read Hacking on Firebug.next
  • Install latest FBTrace extension into your development profile. It'll automatically show various runtime logs and errors.
  • Use JPM tool to run Firebug.next extension (see more).
  • Set extensions.firebug-next@jetpack.debugStartup preference to true if you want to have the toolbox opened (+ a test page) by default after Firefox starts.
  • If you want to make logs in the tracing console more visible append "!!!" (no quotes) at the begging of the log message. The log will be automatically highlighted.
  • Use DOM Inspector addon to inspect UI of the toolbox. Install also Element Inspector that allows to Shift-RightClick any element to open it in DOM Inspector quickly.
  • Use Tools -> Web Developer -> Browser Toolbox to to complex inspection of the toolbox UI. It's a little slower to launch, but provides more detailed info.

Firebug Roadmap


Features and changes

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Bug Fixes

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Other versions

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