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[edit] Features and changes

[edit] Enablement UI

  • Disable always: when the Firebug UI is not active on any page, the debugger is disabled (minimal overhead)
  • Instant on: when the Firebug UI is active, HTML, CSS, DOM views activate (minimal overhead)
  • Script panel user-activation: initially disabled or enabled always
  • Net panel user-activiation: initially disabled or enabled always
  • Console panel user-activation: initially disabled or enabled always. Controls ShowXMLHTTPRequest, consoleListener
  • Bug Icon gray unless some page has Script or Net panel activation
  • Multipanel enablement
  • No Allowed-sites/Disable for Site: no longer needed
  • Suspend/Resume Firebug in status bar context menu
  • List pages that enable Firebug on the Context menu tooltip. The UI for this feature is being refined; overhead tests have not been completed

[edit] Console and Command Line

  • Redesigned Console Panel to use events/attribute passing. (tests/console/joes-original/test.html mostly passes)
  • Redesigned Command Line to avoid using evalInSandbox. (tests/console/commandLineObjects.html mostly passes, Command Line API functions, ok)

[edit] DOM

[edit] Script

  • Written/cleaned up eval support
  • Performance on eval better, easier to support

[edit] Net

  • Net timing more accurate
  • Only real network requests displayed
  • Limit for number of requests (configurable in preferences)
  • Additional columns for: request method, status response + text
  • Cache tab has expiration time in Net panel
  • The Response tab has a hack to prevent extra requests to the server. Users must click on a button to force the request. The hack will not be needed in the next release of Firebug.

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • Secure updates via signed update.rdf with xpi updateHash values.

[edit] See also

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