Firebug 1.3 Release Notes

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Features and changes


  • FBTrace service (for internal Firebug debugging).
  • TraceConsole (for internal Firebug debugging)
  • Internationalize locales via Babelzilla; begin moving away from entities to properties.


  • reimplement console/command line to reduce chance of console undefined.


  • DOM properties alphabetical


  • Script panel implemented with as viewport on source to improve performance on large JS files
  • Find debuggers by scope chain analysis rather than jsContext
  • scope chain shows in watches panel (from contribution by kpdecker)


  • Reimplement all response views with nsITraceableChannel
  • Centralize handlers for http-on-modify-request in firebug-http-observer component
  • Net panel timing improvements: more categories in timing.


  • Add TraceConsole to aid debugging Firebug.
  • FBTrace panel removed from X versions (TraceConsole instead)
  • new option DBG_SPY for spy.js
  • firebug-service tracing to traceConsole

For extensions

  • add onApplyDecorator(sourceBox), allows annotation of source
  • add module function isNeededGetReady() to signal a dependency and prepare for later use (debugger calls it to insure commandline is in for watches panel)

Links to notes for each release

Bug fix releases

1.3.3b3 1.3.3b1 1.3.2 1.3.1b4 1.3.1b1

Major release

1.3.0 1.3.0b5 1.3.0b4

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