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[edit] Features and changes

[edit] General

  • FBTrace service (for internal Firebug debugging).
  • TraceConsole (for internal Firebug debugging)
  • Internationalize locales via Babelzilla; begin moving away from entities to properties.

[edit] Console

  • reimplement console/command line to reduce chance of console undefined.

[edit] DOM

  • DOM properties alphabetical

[edit] Script

  • Script panel implemented with as viewport on source to improve performance on large JS files
  • Find debuggers by scope chain analysis rather than jsContext
  • scope chain shows in watches panel (from contribution by kpdecker)

[edit] Net

  • Reimplement all response views with nsITraceableChannel
  • Centralize handlers for http-on-modify-request in firebug-http-observer component
  • Net panel timing improvements: more categories in timing.

[edit] Tracing

  • Add TraceConsole to aid debugging Firebug.
  • FBTrace panel removed from X versions (TraceConsole instead)
  • new option DBG_SPY for spy.js
  • firebug-service tracing to traceConsole

[edit] For extensions

  • add onApplyDecorator(sourceBox), allows annotation of source
  • add module function isNeededGetReady() to signal a dependency and prepare for later use (debugger calls it to insure commandline is in for watches panel)

[edit] Links to notes for each release

Version Release Date
Bug fix releases
1.3.3b3 2009-02-16
1.3.3b1 2009-02-10
1.3.2 2009-02-06
1.3.1b4 2009-02-03
1.3.1b1 2009-01-28
Major release
1.3.0 2009-01-12
1.3.0b5 2008-12-05
1.3.0b4 2008-11-26

[edit] See also

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