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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Firebug Release Notes|Overview of all releases]]
* [[Firebug Release Notes|Release notes for current versions]]
* [[Firebug 1.3 Release Notes]]
* [[Firebug 1.3 Release Notes]]

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Features and changes


  • Implement breakOnNext UI for STEP_SUSPEND
  • Leave the debugger controls visible if the js is stopped
  • Implement stepStayOnDebuggr to keep chrome out of firebug and vice versa
  • Implement dynamicURLhasBP to avoid MD5 on eval unless breakpoints are set on evals
  • skipScrolling if the lines are still in view.
  • search in source boxes now ignores case unless the user puts an upper case character in the search request box
  • group eval and events together under path to parent file
  • implement traceCalls/untraceCalls
  • implement decompileEvals


  • support for STATUS_RESOLVING
  • Support for custom tabs for net requests (like Headers, Params, etc.) within net panel.
  • Json tab is available even for XHR entries in Console panel.
  • Limit for cached responses in tabCache.
  • Maximum size limit for cached responses can be specified in preferences.
  • Console panel ShowXHRDisabled for FF3.5 until bugzilla 483672 is fixed.
  • Search response bodies

For extensions

  • All modules support Firebug.Listener
  • add option extensions.firebug-tracing-service.toOSConsole for debugging tracing or early FF
  • TabWatch dispatch separate from modules dispatch
  • acceptContext/declineContext replaced by shouldCreateContext/shouldNotCreateContext
  • function() objects default rep is next to last so function types can be trapped by supportsObject()
  • DBG_ACTIVATION to focus tracing on activation issues
  • DBG_SHORTCUTS to focus tracing on key binding issues
  • DBG_LOCALE tracing for missing localization


  • Curtis Bartley's Tabs-on-top UI reordering
  • Improved and simplified "natural" Activation UI, minimize to context menu, all on/off, Firebug stays put.
  • Firebug remembers which pages you had opened Firebug on.
  • Supports Firefox 3.5
  • auto-suspend
  • Adds tab switching shortcut. Currently hardcoded to ctrl + shift + pgup/pgdown
  • search across all files (contribution by kpdecker)
  • Accessiblity by Hans Hillen, incl. tabbing and focus identification, panels Script, DOM , CSS, Breakpoints, DOM
  • (some) Testing before shipping!
  • jsd.initAtStartup set false not true
  • resetAllOptions on Firebug status bar context menu
  • No more entites for locales, all properties

Links to notes for each release

Bug fix releases

1.4.3b1 1.4.2 1.4.1

Major release

1.4.0 1.4.0b10 1.4.0b3 1.4.0a31 1.4.0a23 1.4.0a22 1.4.0a19 1.4.0a18 1.4.0a12 1.4.0a8 1.4.0a7

See also