Firebug 1.4 Release Notes

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Features and changes

Not Panel specific

  • Curtis Bartley's Tabs-on-top UI reordering
  • Improved and simplified "natural" Activation UI, minimize to context menu, all on/off, Firebug stays put.
  • Firebug remembers which pages you had opened Firebug on.
  • Supports Firefox 3.5
  • auto-suspend
  • Adds tab switching shortcut. Currently hardcoded to ctrl + shift + pgup/pgdown
  • search across all files (contribution by kpdecker)
  • Accessiblity by Hans Hillen, incl. tabbing and focus identification, panels Script, DOM , CSS, Breakpoints, DOM
  • (some) Testing before shipping!
  • jsd.initAtStartup set false not true
  • resetAllOptions on Firebug status bar context menu
  • No more entites for locales, all properties

Javascript Debugging

  • Implement breakOnNext UI for STEP_SUSPEND
  • Leave the debugger controls visible if the js is stopped
  • Implement stepStayOnDebuggr to keep chrome out of firebug and vice versa
  • Implement dynamicURLhasBP to avoid MD5 on eval unless breakpoints are set on evals
  • skipScrolling if the lines are still in view.
  • search in source boxes now ignores case unless the user puts an upper case character in the search request box
  • group eval and events together under path to parent file
  • implement traceCalls/untraceCalls
  • implement decompileEvals


  • support for STATUS_RESOLVING
  • Support for custom tabs for net requests (like Headers, Params, etc.) within net panel.
  • Json tab is available even for XHR entries in Console panel.
  • Limit for cached responses in tabCache.
  • Maximum size limit for cached responses can be specified in preferences.
  • Console panel ShowXHRDisabled for FF3.5 until bugzilla 483672 is fixed.
  • Search response bodies

For extensions

  • All modules support Firebug.Listener
  • add option extensions.firebug-tracing-service.toOSConsole for debugging tracing or early FF
  • TabWatch dispatch separate from modules dispatch
  • acceptContext/declineContext replaced by shouldCreateContext/shouldNotCreateContext
  • function() objects default rep is next to last so function types can be trapped by supportsObject()
  • DBG_ACTIVATION to focus tracing on activation issues
  • DBG_SHORTCUTS to focus tracing on key binding issues
  • DBG_LOCALE tracing for missing localization