Firebug 1.5 Release Notes

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Overview of this version

Firebug 1.5 supports Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6.

Please add links from these features to instructions on how to use them. See also below for More Details.


  • Most solid inspect ever! No known case where the inspector is offset from the element.
  • Added Quick Info Box
  • Added Image Map Inspector

Console and Command Line

  • Moved Break on Errors to Console panel (from Script panel).
  • Break on individual errors improved and tested.
  • Added Persist button


  • Added Computed Style Panel (was previously an option of Style side panel)
  • Added Break on HTML Mutate
  • Added z-index and position to Layout side panel
  • Added Show Basic Entities (is now the default)
  • Added Namespace prefix HTML/XHTML/SVG/MathML
  • Inspecting and editing of SVG and MathML now supported


  • User Agent CSS is now read only (to prevent you from messing up Firefox)
  • Improved duplicate stylesheet handling
  • Update styles panel as pseudo-classes change for current element
  • Allow change of pseudo-class state in styles panel
  • Expand short-hand CSS properties mode
  • Edit element style


  • Freeze Javascript and event handlers when on a breakpoint
  • Break on Next moved to pause button in user interface.
  • Break-on features through out Firebug.
  • Turn off Firefox 'jsd' and allow Just In Time compiles if Firebug is not active in any window.


  • Break on Object Change


Toolbars and Menus

  • Added search user interface and features
  • Removed 'Off' text from Off button
  • a11y support for panel search in CSS, DOM and script panels

More Details and important bug fixes


  • Added new Firebug listeners "onInspectNode" and "onStopInspecting" to allow extensions to interact with the inspector
  • It is now possible to inspect disabled elements
  • CSS and code injected into a page by the inspector is no longer visible in the HTML Panel
  • Various performance improvements
  • Fixed bugs that prevented enter, escape, up & down keys from working correctly in inspect mode
  • Fixed OSX issues involving window focus


  • Fixed HTML highlight mutation implementation
  • better handling and bug fixes related to editing text nodes, comments, and CDATA
  • proper display of HTML vs. XHTML in the HTML panel, as well as when copying to the clipboard
  • keyboard navigation moves the inspector highlight around the web page
  • improved display of whitespace and entities
  • nodes don't automatically open and close when selecting them, double click to do so (Alt-double-click to edit)


  • improved display of arrays and objects
  • strings now expand/minimize when using the twisty


  • Provided timing info is not affected by javascript execution (you need Firefox 3.6)
  • Size info is provided for every executed request (you need Firefox 3.6)
  • Better formatting of multipart/form-data posted data
  • Displaying source of sent/received headers (you need Firefox 3.6)

You can also have a look at the list of all enhancements in Firebug 1.5 as well as the list of all bug fixes in Firebug 1.5.

Links to notes for each release

Version Release Date
Bug fix releases
1.5.4 2010-04-23
1.5.3 2010-03-12
1.5.2 2010-02-24
1.5.1b2 2010-02-18
Major release
1.5 2010-01-15
1.5b9 2010-01-08
1.5b8 2009-12-18
1.5b7 2009-12-17
1.5b6 2009-12-07
1.5b5 2009-11-25
1.5b4 2009-11-18
1.5b3 2009-11-06
1.5b2 2009-11-04
1.5b1 2009-11-04
1.5a26 2009-10-09
1.5a25 2009-10-09
1.5a24 2009-10-09
1.5a23 2009-10-09
1.5a22 2009-10-09
1.5a21 2009-10-09
1.5a20 2009-10-09
1.5a19 2009-10-09
1.5a18 2009-10-09
1.5a17 2009-10-09
1.5a15 2009-07-15
1.5a14 2009-07-14
1.5a12 2009-07-14
1.5a9 2009-07-06
1.5a7 2009-07-01
1.5a3 2009-06-08

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