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Overview of this version[edit]

Firebug 1.5 supports Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6.

Please add links from these features to instructions on how to use them. See also below for More Details.


  • Most solid inspect ever! No known case where the inspector is offset from the element.
  • Added Quick Info Box
  • Added Image Map Inspector

Console and Command Line[edit]

  • Moved Break on Errors to Console panel (from Script panel).
  • Break on individual errors improved and tested.
  • Added Persist button


  • Added Computed Style Panel (was previously an option of Style side panel)
  • Added Break on HTML Mutate
  • Added z-index and position to Layout side panel
  • Added Show Basic Entities (is now the default)
  • Added Namespace prefix HTML/XHTML/SVG/MathML
  • Inspecting and editing of SVG and MathML now supported


  • User Agent CSS is now read only (to prevent you from messing up Firefox)
  • Improved duplicate stylesheet handling
  • Update styles panel as pseudo-classes change for current element
  • Allow change of pseudo-class state in styles panel
  • Expand short-hand CSS properties mode
  • Edit element style


  • Freeze Javascript and event handlers when on a breakpoint
  • Break on Next moved to pause button in user interface.
  • Break-on features through out Firebug.
  • Turn off Firefox 'jsd' and allow Just In Time compiles if Firebug is not active in any window.


  • Break on Object Change


Toolbars and Menus[edit]

  • Added search user interface and features
  • Removed 'Off' text from Off button
  • a11y support for panel search in CSS, DOM and script panels

More Details and important bug fixes[edit]


  • Added new Firebug listeners "onInspectNode" and "onStopInspecting" to allow extensions to interact with the inspector
  • It is now possible to inspect disabled elements
  • CSS and code injected into a page by the inspector is no longer visible in the HTML Panel
  • Various performance improvements
  • Fixed bugs that prevented enter, escape, up & down keys from working correctly in inspect mode
  • Fixed OSX issues involving window focus


  • Fixed HTML highlight mutation implementation
  • better handling and bug fixes related to editing text nodes, comments, and CDATA
  • proper display of HTML vs. XHTML in the HTML panel, as well as when copying to the clipboard
  • keyboard navigation moves the inspector highlight around the web page
  • improved display of whitespace and entities
  • nodes don't automatically open and close when selecting them, double click to do so (Alt-double-click to edit)


  • improved display of arrays and objects
  • strings now expand/minimize when using the twisty


  • Provided timing info is not affected by javascript execution (you need Firefox 3.6)
  • Size info is provided for every executed request (you need Firefox 3.6)
  • Better formatting of multipart/form-data posted data
  • Displaying source of sent/received headers (you need Firefox 3.6)

You can also have a look at the list of all enhancements in Firebug 1.5 as well as the list of all bug fixes in Firebug 1.5.

Links to notes for each release[edit]

Version Release Date
Bug fix releases
1.5.4 2010-04-23
1.5.3 2010-03-12
1.5.2 2010-02-24
1.5.1b2 2010-02-18
Major release
1.5 2010-01-15
1.5b9 2010-01-08
1.5b8 2009-12-18
1.5b7 2009-12-17
1.5b6 2009-12-07
1.5b5 2009-11-25
1.5b4 2009-11-18
1.5b3 2009-11-06
1.5b2 2009-11-04
1.5b1 2009-11-04
1.5a26 2009-10-09
1.5a25 2009-10-09
1.5a24 2009-10-09
1.5a23 2009-10-09
1.5a22 2009-10-09
1.5a21 2009-10-09
1.5a20 2009-10-09
1.5a19 2009-10-09
1.5a18 2009-10-09
1.5a17 2009-10-09
1.5a15 2009-07-15
1.5a14 2009-07-14
1.5a12 2009-07-14
1.5a9 2009-07-06
1.5a7 2009-07-01
1.5a3 2009-06-08

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