Firebug 1.7: Firebug Service

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Some notes about firebug-service module analysis in Firebug 1.7



List of helper objects used by Firebug debugger.

  • fbs: a self reference, to avoid 'this' since fbs is one per application.
  • jsdHandlers: global holding all of the current created jsd hooks
  • FirebugPrefsObserver
  • BreakOnNextCall(debuggr, context)

Stepper Objects

Every time a user steps one or more of these are created.

  • LineStepper(debuggr, context)
  • OutStepper(debuggr, context)
  • IntoStepper(debuggr, context)


List of JSD interfaces utilized by Firebug debugger.


Stepping in the debugger (over, into, out) is implemented using steppers. These objects behave the same way as the Controller in famous MVC pattern.

Step Over: Line Stepper

Following diagram depicts how step over logic is implemented and how Line Stepper object is involved.


  • All logic associated with the Firebug.Debugger object (onBreak, stop, enterNestedEventLoop and exitNestedEventLoop should be part of Firebug Service (FBS)