Firebug 1.7: Firebug Service

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Some notes about firebug-service module analysis in Firebug 1.7


  • JSDoc on


List of helper objects used by Firebug debugger.

  • fbs: a self reference, to avoid 'this' since fbs is one per application.
  • jsdHandlers: global holding all of the current created jsd hooks
  • FirebugPrefsObserver
  • BreakOnNextCall(debuggr, context)

Stepper Objects

Every time a user steps one or more of these are created.

  • LineStepper(debuggr, context)
  • OutStepper(debuggr, context)
  • IntoStepper(debuggr, context)


List of JSD interfaces utilized by Firebug debugger.