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The following list describes features and enhancements, that are wished to be implemented in Firebug 1.9. Note, this list is not representing what will really be implemented, but should be seen as hint for what could be included.

Command Line

  • 55: Enhancement: Auto-Code-Completion for large command line
  • 1309: Add `console.benchmark`
  • 3622: Commandline completion for [ in addition to .
  • 3623: Commandline completion-looking documentation for function(...
  • 3715: Cmdline autocompletion menu: icons/colors to differenciate elements by type
  • 4176: Commands in firebug
  • 4276: Console history should be preserved across browser sessions

Console Panel

  • 322: Enhancement: Hierarchal profiler output
  • 1982: Stack trace shows parameters in their current state (not in the state when a function was called)
  • 2792: "Copy Error" function on error displayed in Console should copy all details, including any available stack trace
  • 2972: Make filtering of search matches in console panel optional
  • 3042: Show syntax error position like in error console of Firefox
  • 3759: Provide more context for error breakpoints and format them like the Script panel
  • 3872: 'Break On All Errors' doesn't stop on custom errors

HTML Panel

  • 2111: 'EditHtml' completed and event handler is gone
  • 2153: [rfe] Show line numbers in editors
  • 2302: Find not works on block tags
  • 2645: Edit HTML without having to switch to "Edit" mode
  • 3050: Add "Persist" button to HTML, CSS and DOM panel for keeping changes after a page reload
  • 3056: Option for switching between different CSS media types in HTML panel
  • 3189: Search for Edit Mode in HTML Panel
  • 3228: Ability to change the doctype inside the HTML Panel
  • 3445: HTML Panel should have better search match highlighting

CSS Panel

  • 553: Visualize erroneous CSS in Style side panel
  • 1241: Highlighting of changed css
  • 1584: CSS edit text wrapping
  • 1717: CSS Panel does not have @media UI
  • 2153: [rfe] Show line numbers in editors
  • 2495: [Enh] the rendered font should be highlighted in CSS panel
  • 2796: Ability to create a new rule in the style panel
  • 2916: Trace Styles Feature
  • 3015: Smarter auto-completion for shorthand properties
  • 3050: Add "Persist" button to HTML, CSS and DOM panel for keeping changes after a page reload
  • 3070: CSS Panel: Filter by CSS property
  • 3230: Pseudo-classes are not persistently shown in Style Side Panel
  • 3501: Add a helper for numerical values of CSS properties
  • 3756: add filtering to computed style panel
  • 3847: Add context options to @font-face rules
  • 3848: Info tooltip for fonts defined in @font-face rules
  • 3871: Change color format
  • 4343: CSS error indicator improvements
  • 4355: Line breaking of CSS styles leads to confusion
  • 4470: Preview for CSS gradients
  • 4505: Improved auto-completion for CSS functions

DOM Panel

  • 2111: 'EditHtml' completed and event handler is gone
  • 2952: Enh: DOM Panel should prevent editing of read-only properties
  • 3050: Add "Persist" button to HTML, CSS and DOM panel for keeping changes after a page reload
  • 3113: Feature Request - DOM Tab -> Add Property
  • 3829: DOM Element History
  • 4162: Add "Break On Property Addition" and "Break On Property Removal"
  • 4418: hide item 'summary' when object is expanded in DOM inspector

Script Panel

  • 551: Add ability to somehow block mousemove event
  • 1413: Feature Request: Restore position in script tab after page reload
  • 2526: Enhancement: Add Step into, over and Run keys to the Shortcut keys
  • 2638: Show info popup when hovering a breakpoint / execution indicator icon
  • 2811: Replace script menu button in script panel by tree view
  • 2814: Improve display of inline scripts in Script panel
  • 2817: Hit counts for break points
  • 2821: Possibility to assign breakpoints to groups
  • 2856: Possibility to jump from function call expressions in the script Panel to the function definitions
  • 2857: Possibility to jump from variables in script panel to DOM panel via Ctrl + click
  • 2858: Possibility to jump from selector in script panel to element inside HTML panel
  • 2859: Script panel context menu item to add a variable to the watch list
  • 2859: Improve "Add Watch"
  • 3115: Code folding for scripts
  • 3129: Remove breakpointDisabledExe.png and breakpointExe.png in favor of stacked images
  • 3155: Editing breakpoint conditions should have auto-completion
  • 3250: General messages of Script Panel should hide Panel Toolbar and side panels
  • 3271: Highlight next executed function
  • 3448: Script Panel should have better search match highlighting
  • 3982: Highlight breakpoint inside the Breakpoints side panel, at which the script is halted at
  • 3996: Conditional Break on Next
  • 4356: Keyboard shortcut for toggling activation of all breakpoints
  • 4378: Move editing of breakpoint conditions to Breakpoints Side Panel
  • 4515: Shortcuts for "Run to This Line" should work when clicking into the code

Net Panel

  • 1209: Add ability to re-open the open Net panel objects after a reload
  • 1366: Add a scale to the Net panel
  • 2225: Resending a XMLHttpRequest
  • 2348: Intercept/modify a request
  • 2424: Additional network panel columns
  • 2617: Net panel header should be fixed on top instead of scrolling with the content
  • 2618: Request summary in Net panel just shown for the last request when 'Persist' is enabled
  • 2761: More filetype filters in Net panel?
  • 3071: Display sample of WOFF file inside Net Panel
  • 3560: Search in Net panel to act as a filter
  • 3613: Displaying server side timings info in the Net panel
  • 3757: Normal HTTP requests and the different kinds of cache requests should be better distinguishable
  • 4156: Multiple filters selectable in Net panel
  • 4373: Warnings for Net Panel


  • 2273: Box model shadowing on (css) transformed elements doesn't work correctly
  • 3914: Convert Image Map highlighter to SVG and add the ability to inspect SVG objects
  • 3972: Add remote inspect


  • 2302: Find not works on block tags
  • 2972: Make filtering of search matches in console panel optional
  • 3195: Search field should display current tab
  • 3445: HTML Panel should have better search match highlighting
  • 3448: Script Panel should have better search match highlighting
  • 3560: Search in Net panel to act as a filter


  • 3530: fixed headers for profile
  • 4520: Separate panel for profiling
  • 4529: Enhanced Memory Profiler


  • 54: Enhancement: UNDO function
  • 341: Dragable control to min/maximise Firebug should be thicker than one pixel
  • 471: Linux-specific theme for Firebug
  • 1141: Maximize Firebug by double-clicking on a tab
  • 2001: Add storage panel
  • 2425: Changable order of grid columns
  • 2633: Instrumentation for Firebug aka "Help Improve Firebug"
  • 2961: Update Firebug's Look and Feel
  • 2995: Inconsistent "Break On..." behavior
  • 3183: Add descriptions to Options Mini Menu items
  • 3550: Create a seperate element path bar
  • 3575: Make it possible to search inside side panels
  • 3779: New firebug icon is hard to see in browser status bar
  • 4001: Clicking and hovering the error badge should have different action than the toolbar button
  • 4024: Use arrows instead of +/- signs for expansion
  • 4032: Please offer option to disable update notification page
  • 4045: New APIs for extending page context menu
  • 4173: Window/Document menu
  • 4377: List of editors should be removed from Firebug Menu
  • 4395: Inclusion of "Firebug" in the User-Agent
  • 4425: Better support for Domplate templates inheritance
  • 4316: Error Notification Count not bright enough