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How are the XUL files used?

  • browserOverlay.xul : puts Firebug into the bottom of the browser window by "overlay" on to Firefox's browser.xul
  • firebug.xul: puts Firebug into its own window.
  • firebugOverlay.xul: overlays browserOverlay.xul or firebug.xul to add placement-independent features by XUL.

How are panels created?

Basically follow the pattern of an existing panel.

  • extend Firebug.Panel
  • add methods
  • use 'this.context' for context dependence
  • Add UI to 'this.panelNode' as HTML.
  • Learn about domplate to create the HTML
  • registerPanel

How does debugging work?

See the Chromebug User Guide

How to write a firebug extension?

A Firebug extension is just a Firefox extension that happens to work on top of Firebug.

How to use FBTrace?

  FBTrace.sysout(<string>, object);