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The Firebug Menu contains all the most used general options to control Firebug. It is accessible via the Firebug Menu Button.png button on the left side of the Panel Bar.

Firebug Menu[edit]

Option Preference Description
Open Firebug - Opens Firebug (just shown when the Firebug UI is not opened)
Hide Firebug - Closes Firebug but keeps it activated (just shown when the Firebug UI is opened)
Deactivate Firebug - Deactivates Firebug for the current website (just shown when the Firebug UI is opened)
Firebug UI Location extensions.firebug.framePosition Contains a sub-menu for setting the position of the Firebug window; can be set to Top, Bottom, Left, Right or Detached
Open With Editor - Contains a sub-menu with the user-defined external editors and the option Configure Editors... to edit them
Text Size extensions.firebug.textSize Contains a sub-menu for in-/decreasing or resetting the text size used inside Firebug
Options - Contains a sub-menu with several general options (see below)
Firebug Online - Contains a sub-menu with different items for online information about Firebug, to the issue tracker and the discussion group
Customize Shortcuts - Opens a dialog for customizing the most common keyboard shortcuts
Open Firebug Tracing - Opens the Tracing Console. (Only available when FBTrace is installed.)
Open Test Console - Opens the Test Console. (Only available when FBTest is installed.)
About... <Firebug version> - Shows Firebug's About dialog

Options sub-menu[edit]

Option Preference Description
Show Error Count extensions.firebug.showErrorCount Toggles the display of the number of JavaScript errors occurred inside the page
Show Info Tips extensions.firebug.showInfoTips Shows popups with additional information inside Firebug when hovering an element
Shade Box Model extensions.firebug.shadeBoxModel Toggles between the display of a box model representing the contents, margin, padding and the border and a display of just a frame around the inspected element
Show Quick Info Box extensions.firebug.showQuickInfoBox Toggles the display of an info popup inside the page giving fast information about the currently inspected element
Enable Accessibility Enhancements extensions.firebug.a11y.enable Enables keyboard navigation through Firebug (using Tab and the arrow keys)
Activate For Same Origin URLs extensions.firebug.activateSameOrigin Toggles the behavior of Firebug to open it for sites, which have the same base URL
Vertical Panels extensions.firebug.viewPanelOrient Toggles the display of the Side Panels between the right side and the bottom of the Firebug window
Always Open Firebug Tracing extensions.firebug.alwaysOpenTraceConsole Causes the Tracing Console to always open when Firebug is activated. (Only available when FBTrace is installed.)
Always Open Test Console extensions.firebug.alwaysOpenTestConsole Causes the Test Console to always open when Firebug is activated. (Only available when FBTest is installed.)
Reset All Firebug Options - Resets all Firebug options to the defaults including the settings for which pages it was opened and the breakpoints set for scripts

Be careful! Once done there's no way back! You may want to backup your Firefox prefs.js beforehand just in case.