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This page describes all XUL overlays used in Firebug UI.


See description of all individual overlays from the picture loaded by Firefox in the same order.

  • browser.xul Represents the main Firefox UI and global scope that can contain further extensions.
  • browserOverlayWithFrame.xul This is the main Firebug overlay. It's the first thing loaded in Firebug. Scope of this overlay is global and all Firebug files used to live in this global scope (prior 1.7), which could cause collisions with other extensions. Newer versions of Firebug uses this overlay to define an iframe (firebugFrame.xul) that consequently contains all Firebug source files.
  • startButtonOverlay.xul This overlay defines Firebug start button (aka the Status bar icon used in Firefox status bar).
  • browserMenuOverlay.xul This overlay extends various Firefox/SeaMonkey menus and appends Firebug entry to it. This overlay should also contain definition of all commands and shortcuts that are active even if Firebug UI is closed/minimized.
  • firebugOverlay.xul This overlay contains the entire Firebug UI definition.
  • firebugMenuOverlay.xul Defines the Firebug menu. This menu is inserted at various places defined in browserMenuOverlay.xul. This overlay should contain definition of all commands and shortcuts that are active only within Firebug UI (when Firebug UI has focus).
  • editorsOverlay.xul' Extends firebugMenuOverlay.xul with additional items for integration with external IDEs.
  • firebug.xul This is actually not an overlay but a XUL window that is used for detached Firebug UI. The entire UI within this window is created using the firebugOverlay.xul

Extension Developers

Extension developers should (in 99% of cases) overlay the firebugOverlay.xul.

The URL of the file is: chrome://firebug/content/firebugOverlay.xul