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This article is incomplete or outdated. It needs an update by us. Please revisit this page later.
  • This page is intended to summarize plans and directions for
  • This summary should also help FWG to prioritize planned steps and features.
  • Provide any feedback on Firebug newsgroup


This describes the current status of Firebug development.

Firebug 1.9

Development frozen on this branch.

Firebug 1.10

Firebug 1.10 is the last released version (available on AMO and compatible with Firefox 13-16. Selected patches will be back-ported from 1.11.

Firebug 1.11

Development happens on the repo (currently alpha).

Goals for



See the following table that summarizes list of features and dev folks working on them. Append yourself as a developer to features you are interested in to participate.

Feature Developers Related Issues Status

New Features for

This section lists of all suggested areas FWG should focus on in


Regular Tasks