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  • This page is intended to summarize plans and directions for
  • Provide any feedback on Firebug newsgroup


This section describes the strategy and goals for the upcoming releases of Firebug.

Version Numbering

The next planned version number is 3.0.

Development happens on the master branch of the repository.


Phase Start Date
Alpha 2014-06-10
Beta  ?
Final release  ?
  • The entire release cycle (from the first alpha to the final release) should target 6 months
  • The beta phase should be at least 4 weeks
  • The new release should introduce 8-10 new features (or significant bug fixes)

Suggested Features

Use this section to suggest any feature you'd like to see in

Planned Features / Changes

This section summarizes all features that are planned for Every feature in this section must have an owner.

Regular Tasks

Feature Overview

Feature Developers Related Issues Status

Feature planning should keep in mind the suggested release schedule above

Feature Description

This section provides detailed description of all planned features.