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Firebug test-bot support for scheduled running of Firebug test suite.


TestBot Script

Test Results DB

Test results produced by running Firebug test suite are stored into a CouchDB (document-oriented database). The database is available online and all test results (stored as documents) can be accessed using XHR.

Testbot results are stored as documents and there are currently following types of docs.

  • header this document represents a test-bot run. You can see list of these documents here.
  • result represents a test results. The relation between header and result documents is one-to-many. There is many results from on test-bot run. The relation is made through a headerid filed that is part of each result doc. List of all results is here

The database contains also test-results reported by users who run automated tests manually using Firebug Test Console (FBTest). These results use following doc types.

  • user-header represents a user test launch.
  • user-results represents a test result from manual running of automated test suite.

Test Results UI

Summary of testbot results is available online. This page displays both (a) testbot and (b) user results as two separate lists. Source code of this application is part of Firebug SVN tree.

Testbot Config

Automated running of tests is configurable using a config file. Currently test bot expects the file to be available here:

The file follows a syntax that is typical for INI Files. Here is an example:



Each section (there are two in this example) specifies one configuration. Name of the section should be descriptive, but isn't currently used by testbot.

  • FIREBUG_XPI - URL of Firebug XPI file used in this configuration.
  • FBTEST_XPI - URL of FBTest XPI (Firebug test harness) file used in this configuration.
  • SVN_REVISION - Revision number in Firebug SVN that is used by testbot to pull all test files. Testbot puts these files on its own web server.
  • FIREFOX_VERSION - Firefox version used in this configuration
  • TEST_LIST - Test suite used by test bot in this configuration.