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This page gives an overview of a testing harness available to Firebug developers.
Automated test harness for Firebug developers  
== Pages ==
== Pages ==

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Automated test harness for Firebug developers


SVN Links

  • Firebug Test Root - Root directory with all Firebug tests.
  • Automated Tests - Directory with automated tests. This directory can be also accessible through chrome://firebugTests as an extension.
  • FBTest - Firebug automated test console.
  • Test List - Directory with Firebug test lists.

Directory Structure

All test cases are available in Firebug SVN. As you can see from the following description test-cases are organized mostly by panel.

#svn/tests - the root directory

chromebug - manual tests for Chromebug
console - manual tests for the Console panel
content - automated tests
css - manual tests for the CSS panel
dom - manual tests for the DOM panel
html - manual tests for the HTML panel
issues - manual tests for specific issues
net - manual tests for the Net panel
script - manual tests for the Script panel
unit - OBSOLETE (will be removed)