GIT Development Workflow

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General Workflow

  1. Anything in the master branch is deployable
  2. To implement a new features or bug fix, create a new feature branch off of master
  3. Commit all your changes to the branch and push on the server
  4. When you need feedback/review/help open a pull request
  5. After testing your branch by running Firebug test suite on it, merge it into master
  6. When doing a release create a branch off of master

Master Branch

  • The master branch should be stable.
  • It should be always safe to make a release from it.
  • If you push changes into master they must be tested by Firebug automated test suite and all tests must pass.
  • You should feel guilty if you break the master branch.

Feature Branches

When you work on a new feature or fixing a bug, create a new feature branch.

First clone Firebug repo:

$ git clone

Create a new myfeature branch:

$ cd firebug
$ git checkout -b myfeature master

Commit all changes into your feature branch:

$ git add <modified-file>
$ git commit -m "This is my new feature"

Push to public server (into myfeature branch):

$ git push -u origin myfeature