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This page is related to HTTP Monitor tool. This tool (or a component) is intended to track HTTP activity of given local or remote browser tab and displays results to the user.



Working prototype of HTTP Monitor (Firefox extension) is available. The prototype is based on Firebug's Net panel. See also instructions.


Core architecture is based on the Net Panel and adapted to also support remote HTTP tracking.


Local Network Event Flow

This sequence diagram describes local monitoring scenario where the user tracks tab on local browser.


  • HTTP Observer Observes HTTP traffic of the selected tab and sends every event to NetProgress object.
  • NetProgress object processes incoming HTTP event and produces a File object that represents the HTTP request. It uses an existing File object if there is already one created for the request. The File is further passed to Net Panel
  • NetPanel stores the file in a queue. Files in the queue are processed and rendered asynchronously on timeout.

Remote Network Event Flow