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The Firebug Working Group is always searching for new people who want to help improve Firebug.

What you can help us with

There are many ways to contribute to Firebug. Here's a list of things you can participate in.


Improving Firebug itself

Of course that's the main part of our project and surely most people would like to join our team, because they miss a feature in Firebug or see a bug, that they would like to fix.

Creating test cases

We use an automated test suite to check, if Firebug is still working as expected after some changes in the code base. To cover all the existing functionality as well as new features in upcoming versions of Firebug, this test suite continuously needs to be enhanced by new tests and old ones need to be updated.

But not only our test suite needs proper test cases, also many issues in the issue tracker are missing reproducible test cases. So if you can reproduce a bug someone mentioned there, which we currently can't see, or you can explain how exactly you imagine an enhancement to work, feel free to add a test case for it.

Creating extensions

Firebug can't cover every single feature of the huge amount of web development possibilities. Though because of its modular, event based structure it is easily extensible. Thanks to this there are already many existing extensions.

But if there's something that you're still missing in the palette of features or you think could be done better, we encourage you to create your own extension or provide patches for Firebug extensions.


Besides coding, documenting existing and new features in Firebug as well as writing about other topics related to Firebug is a very important task.

If you want to help us improving this wiki, just create a request for a wiki account.

Also needs to be maintained. If you're feeling up to this, please don't hesitate to contact us.


The more people are testing Firebug, the more we can ensure its stability. To help us testing you just need to install FBTest and run our automated test suite.

If you have different steps to reproduce a bug, which is already listed in our issue tracker, please let us know.


Firebug is already available in many different languages. We use BabelZilla as platform for these translations. So if you're missing your language in Firebug or want to improve existing translations, you just have to register at BabelZilla and send a request there to become an official translator. If you have questions about how this is working, you can ask in the discussion group.

Managing issues

Triage issues

By the mass of users Firebug has we also get a lot of feedback in form of bug reports and enhancement requests. So new requests need to be triaged and old ones may need a review. So people can help us by keeping an eye on the issues list and change their status in case they are not up-to-date anymore.

File issues

If you experience a bug or have an enhancement request, we appreciate your help by creating an issue report for it, so we can have a look at it.

Firebug comes to you for free. Though donations help us to keep the continuous development up. We appreciate your support a lot! So feel free to help us by donating.

Spread the word

If you're happy with Firebug, you should tell the world. Write forums entries, blog posts, comments in social networks, news groups. Let people know what you think about it!

Also, if you don't feel up to participating in the Firebug development, but you know someone else who might, make a suggestion for them to join us. Every new contributor is welcome!

Contact us

If you'd like to be part of the Firebug team, feel free to contact us. The best way to do this is by posting to the discussion group giving a short description of what you would like to do and telling us about your experience. You can also contact us directly by sending an email to the team leader <a href="">Jan 'Honza' Odvarko</a> <>