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* [[Firebug Terminology]]
* [[Firebug Terminology]]
* [[March Of The Firebugs]]
* [[March Of The Firebugs]]

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Every Firebug release adds some cool new features and Firebug is already a very handy tool for web developers. Though development doesn't stop and there might be things, that can be improved in Firebug. So we encourage every user to help us and make suggestions, which features we should add.

What to do when a feature is missing[edit]

Is the feature already available?[edit]

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of your user agent and Firebug installed and you read the release notes.
  2. In case Firebug misses a feature, there might be an extension offering it.

Reporting the suggestion[edit]

Now, that you made sure, that the feature doesn't exist yet:

  1. Make sure your feature was not suggested yet. If there is already an issue, you can give additional input to it by following the rules for the issue tracker, else
  2. Develop a test case
  3. Follow the rules for the issue tracker and open an enhancement request and describe why you would like to have that feature

If you can't give a test case, please ask in the Firebug discussion group or in the Firebug IRC channel.

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