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Downloads and executes a remote script in a web page. Especially useful to import libraries for using them inside the Command Line.


include(url[, alias])


If include() is written without parameters, it prints a table with all previously specified aliases.


URL of the script to include. If set to null, alias is removed. (optional)


Alias name for the included script. (optional for definition, required for usage)

Example of use

Let's assume you want to type a series of commands in the javascript console. And for convenience, you would like to use a Framework (let's say jQuery).

But the webpage that you debug does not use it. Fortunately, the include command allows you to import jQuery:


Now you are happy with this ability to use your favorite library on any page. But typing every time the url minds you a lot.

Fortunately again(!), you can also create an alias for this URL:

include("", "jquery");

and reuse it every time you want by passing the alias instead of the URL when you call include:


Some time later, you do not remember the alias you have created. To list them, you type this command:


And you are returned this table:


You notice that you will not use vaporjs anymore. You type this command to delete it:

include(null, "vaporjs");

Enjoy !