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Downloads and executes a remote script in a web page. Specially useful to import libraries for the Command Line.



Includes a remote script.


  • url: the url of the script to include

include(url, alias)

Includes a remote script and links it to an alias.


  • url: the url of the script to include; if set to null, the alias is deleted
  • alias: the alias to link to the url


Includes a remote script described by its alias.


  • alias: the alias for the script to include


Prints the table with the aliases and the URL they refers to.

Example of use

Let's assume you want to type a series of commands in the javascript console. And for convenience, you would like to use a Framework (let's say jQuery).

But the webpage that you debug does not use it. Fortunately, the include command allows you to import jQuery:


Now you are happy with this ability to use your favorite library on any page. But typing every time the url minds you a lot.

Fortunately again(!), you can also create an alias for this URL:

include("", "jquery");

and reuse it every time you want by passing the alias instead of the URL when you call include:


Some time later, you do not remember the alias you have created. To list them, you type this command:


And you are returned this table:


You notice that you will not use vaporjs anymore. You type this command to delete it:

include(null, "vaporjs");

Enjoy !