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Open Issues

Rough list of missing things. The list should be converted into meaningful list of bug reports within Firebug issue tracker.

  • Remove the old Script panel
    • Remove also all related sidepanels
    • Remove the firebug-service
    • Remove BTI?
    • Rename the new panel to “Script” (currently Debugger)
  • Use ‘tabNavigated’ and ‘tabDetached’ to implement new TabWatcher
  • Breakpoint removal (from within the Script panel)
  • Use CodeMirror instead of Orion? See Bug 816756
  • Conditional Breakpoints
  • User expression in the Watch window
  • Restore expanded state of the Watch window across stepping.
  • Execute command line expression within the current frame
  • New profiler API, see bug 797876
  • The autocompletion for “New watch expression” doesn’t allow to type just ‘a’ expression (always autocompleted to ‘atob’)
  • Script panel context menu
    • Run Until..
    • The other actions?
  • Script panel tooltips
  • Meta: integration with other panels
    • Break on… features
    • Command line
    • Console logging
    • DOM panel