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Open Tasks

Rough list of missing things. The list should be converted into meaningful list of bug reports within Firebug issue tracker.

  • Remove the old Script panel
    • Remove also all related sidepanels
    • Remove the firebug-service
    • Remove BTI?
    • Rename the new panel to “Script” (currently Debugger)
  • Use ‘tabNavigated’ and ‘tabDetached’ to implement new TabWatcher
  • Breakpoints
    • Breakpoint removal (from the Script and Breakpoints panel)
    • Conditional breakpoints
    • Disable/Enable breakpoints
    • Error breakpoints
    • Monitor breakpoints
    • XHR breakpoints (local scenario only) bug 832983, bug 821610
    • Mutation breakpoints
    • DOM event breakpoints bug 800857, bug 832982
    • respect actualLocation sent back from the server (corrected BP location)
    • breakpoint initialization should be done when the target script (URL) is loaded.
    • The breakpoint condition editor does not disappear when clicking outside of it.
    • breakpoint info tip (condition)
    • The breakpoint condition editor doesn't scroll
  • Issue 6494: Integrate CodeMirror inside the Script panel? (see also bug 816756)
  • Pause on exception
  • User expression in the Watch Side Panel
  • Restore expanded state of the Watch Side Panel across stepping.
  • Allow to execute command line expression within the current frame
  • New profiler API, see bug 797876
  • The autocompletion for New watch expression doesn't allow to type just a as expression (always autocompleted to atob)
  • Script panel context menu
    • Copy Source
    • Add Watch
    • Toggle Breakpoint
    • Toggle Disabled Breakpoint
    • Continue, step over, step into, step out
    • Edit Breakpoint Condition
    • Run Until
    • Rerun
  • Meta: integration with other panels
  • Stack frames displayed in Script Panel's toolbar
  • Issue 2856: Click on a function jumps to the definition
  • Variable value info tip
  • Adopt existing tests
  • Scroll the Script Panel to show execution line
  • Watch Side Panel: edit value and user variable name
  • Break notifications (explaining the reason why break happened)
  • The Script Panel & two tabs with Firebug opened.
  • Debugging two tabs at once (there is a warning)
  • Disable debugger; keyword with disabled breakpoint
  • Source Maps
  • Search
    • Search multiple files
    • Search for regular expression
    • Goto line
  • FirebugRep.supportsObject() could use third parameter for remote-object-types
  • Watch Side Panel
    • Changing local variable or argument needs environment actor re-fetch from the server
  • Script Panel
    • Execution line disappears when switching to another tab and back
    • When Firefox exits with the debugger active (context.stopped) the process hangs in the memory
    • [[Script_Panel#Break_On_Next|Break On Next] (blocked by bug 789430)
    • Mark executable lines
  • Errors
    • Stack trace for errors (test script/callstack/5400), Issue 6523: JSD2: Show Stack Trace With Errors
    • Source line for errors that happen in dynamic scripts (script/callstack/5544, event script), blocked by bug 637572
  • Stepping
    • Double pause at the same line (test script/stepping/1179), blocked by bug 829028
  • Script Panel
    • Show Script notification (issue 4906)

Related Issues

Existing reports in Firebug issue list use label: jsd2 so, you can search for them.


  • Bug 800200 - rm JSD
  • Bug 837723 - Introduce a new method in IJSDebugger allowing to get DO referent.
  • Bug 865313 - It is not possible to debug dynamically evaluated scripts
  • Bug 637572 - Implement Debugger.Source, providing script source code and detailed origin information
  • Bug 832982 - Implement backend support for breaking on dom events
  • Bug 789430 - Make the "pause" button behave like Firebug's "Break on next"
  • Bug 880697 - JSD often uses JSContexts without pushing