Script Panel Refactoring

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This page summarizes refactoring the Firebug debugger to use JSD2 and adding support for remote JavaScript debugging. Issue 5421 tracks the actual changes done.


  • Adopt JSD2 (get rid of all JSD1 APIs)
  • Support remote debugging


Related Issues

  • Issue 5421: Implement JSD2

JSD2 API Requirements

The following list summarizes the high-level features that Firebug needs to support. It should be verified that all the features can re-implemented on top of JSD2 before starting the refactoring.

Not Ready in JSD2

  • There is not source for evals.
  • new Function scripts?
  • Meta bug: Implement a script Debugger
    • As soon as this one is fixed
    • Profiling is unrelated to JSD2. What is the plan here?
    • Tracking (break on) throw/catch/error; also what is the plan?
  • Conditional breakpoints (bug 740825)

Script Panel Architecture

The Script panel needs to be built on top of JSD2, remote protocol and Firebug remote architecture. Remoting is already supported by HTTP Monitor and both components should share the same approaches and API.