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You can build a bleeding-edge, development version of Firebug using the commands below.

Build prerequisites[edit]

Before you try to build, make sure you have the correct tools, and have configured these tools correctly.

Get the source[edit]

You can download source code from Firebug SVN. Every major and minor release is marked in a commit message as e.g. follows [firebug 1.7a2].

Build Firebug[edit]

The Firebug build script is based on ANT and so all you need to do is run ANT on your command line. The script is located in a directory for each specific Firebug branch (starting with branch 1.7) for example:


There is a few options you can use.

  • Build final firebug *.xpi package together with an update.rdf file that can be used for updates (requires https service).
$ant -f build.xml

or just

  • Build final firebug *.xpi package, update.rdf file and also generate JSDoc from comments in the source code. For complete information see Source Code Comments
$ant jsdoc

Hacking the Build System[edit]

If you want to also deploy the xpi package and JSDoc file on to the download and doc directories, you need to specify an additional information within file. Such file is located with each branch, for example firebug1.7 branch has this file here.

This file needs to know where is the SVN directory check to copy all built files at the right place so the only action to do to deploy all is SVN commit.

See comment inside the file.

# To allow simple-build.xml to drop the xpi directly into the svn working copy for
# the root of the fbug svn tree must be be at the same level as the root of
# Otherwise specify your own path.