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* [https://github.com/firebug/firebug Open Source]
* [https://github.com/firebug/firebug Open Source]
* [https://github.com/firebug/firebug/blob/master/extension/license.txt BSD License]
* [https://github.com/firebug/firebug/blob/master/extension/license.txt BSD License]
* [[GIT Development Workflow]]

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GIT Repositories & Structure

List of repositories in https://github.com/firebug/ README

  • firebug - Main Firebug repo (including, tests and tracing related stuff)
  • firebug-lite - Main FirebugLite repo
  • artwork - Firebug icons and any other design files
  • test-result-viewer - Firebug web-app for displaying test results
  • manual-tests - Test files provided by users (coming from issue reports)
  • extension-examples - Firebug extension examples


  • Any in-house developed extension should have its own repository.
  • Firebug has been originally using SVN. The transition has been made at revision 12936


This repository is the one that Firebug and Firebug extension developers will probably use the most.


- firebug
  - extension           // Extension directory (can be directly mapped to Firefox)
  - tests               // Firebug Automated Testing
     - content          // Directories with test files
       + _styles        // CSS files used by tests for better design
       + console        // a directory with test files
       + command line   // a directory with test files
       + ...
       * testlist.html  // List of tests for automated run
     + FBTest           // FBTest (extension directory), test harness
     + templates        // Template files for various kinds of tests
  - trace
     + FBTrace          // FBTrace (extension directory), tracing support


  • It also includes entire support for testing so everyone can run tests easily after cloning this repo.
  • Support for Firebug tracing is also included.

Previous SVN:


Repository for all Firebug Lite related files.


  • TODO: Needs to review the current structure
  • TODO: not yet on github.com

Previous SVN:


Firebug design related work

Previous SVN:


An independent web-app responsible for displaying test results coming from Firebug test-bot or from users.


Previous SVN:


All test files provided by users


Previous SVN:


Example Firebug extensions


- extension-examples
  + HelloWorld
  + HelloBootAMD
  + ...

Previous SVN: