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GIT Repositories & Structure

List of repositories in README

  • firebug - Main Firebug repo (including, tests and tracing related stuff)
  • firebug-lite - Main FirebugLite repo
  • artwork - Firebug icons and any other design files
  • test-result-viewer - Firebug web-app for displaying test results
  • manual-tests - Test files provided by users (coming from issue reports)
  • extension-examples - Firebug extension examples


  • Any in-house developed extension should have its own repository.

Firebug has been originally using SVN. The transition has been made at revision 12936


This repository is the one that Firebug and Firebug extension developers will probably use the most.

- firebug
  - extension           // Extension directory (can be directly mapped to Firefox)
  - tests               // Firebug Automated Testing
     - content          // Directories with test files
       + _styles        // CSS files used by tests for better design
       + console        // a directory with test files
       + command line   // a directory with test files
       + ...
       * testlist.html  // List of tests for automated run
     + FBTest           // FBTest (extension directory), test harness
     + templates        // Template files for various kinds of tests
  - trace
     + FBTrace          // FBTrace (extension directory), tracing support


  • It also includes entire support for testing so everyone can run tests easily after cloning this repo.
  • Support for Firebug tracing is also included.

Previous SVN:


Repository for all Firebug Lite related files.

  • TODO: Needs to review the current structure
  • TODO: not yet on

Previous SVN:


Firebug design related work

Previous SVN:


An independent web-app responsible for displaying test results coming from Firebug test-bot or from users.

Previous SVN:


All test files provided by users

Previous SVN:


Example Firebug extensions

- extension-examples
  + HelloWorld
  + HelloBootAMD
  + ...

Previous SVN: