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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Script Debugging]]
* [[Script Debugging]]

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Watch Side Panel

The Watch Side Panel offers the possibility to enter watch expressions allowing to follow changes of variable values while debugging.

To add a variable to the Watch List you can either select it inside the Script Panel, right click on the selection and choose Add Watch from the context menu or you can enter it into the text field at the top of the Watch Side Panel.

To delete a variable from the Watch list you can click the X on the right side of each expression or via the context menu option "Delete Watch".

Options Menu[edit]

This menu is reachable via the little arrow in the panel tab ( WatchSidePanelOptionsMenuArrow.png ) or by right-clicking on on the panel tab (since Firebug 1.9).

The options are the same as of the DOM Panel.

For more info about tweaks available in Firebug please see the full list of preferences.

Context Menu[edit]

Option Context Description
Edit Watch... watch expression Starts inline-editing of the current watch expression
Delete Watch watch expression Deletes the current watch expression

See also[edit]